Give from your Donor Advised Fund

As we wrap up the first quarter of the year, you may be looking for another way to support your philanthropic interests. What do you know about donor advised funds (DAFs)? The popularity of using DAFs to facilitate charitable gifts has been steadily increasing. But are you aware that you can also use the DAF to “blend” your gifts to support the BGCEC Foundation now and extend your giving into the future with a legacy gift?

Let’s look at how a DAF works.

  • A DAF is a charitable entity established and maintained by community foundations, financial institutions, and some individual charitable organizations to encourage charitable giving.
  • An individual donates cash, stock, cryptocurrency, or other appropriate assets to a DAF when circumstances are most beneficial from a tax standpoint.
  • The owner of the DAF then recommends (or advises) grants from the DAF to qualified charities, like BGCEC.

With recent tax changes, you may no longer itemize your deductions. With a DAF, you can bunch several years of charitable gifts into a single year, allowing you to itemize that year.

To make a gift from your DAF, simply contact your sponsoring organization to recommend a grant and give them the following information: Boys and Girls Clubs of East County Foundation (tax ID # 23-7357173) with its principal offices located at 8820 Tamberly Way, Santee, CA 92071.

See how you can blend gifts with your DAF.

  • Make a large gift to your donor advised fund to enjoy itemizing on your taxes next April (and possibly in future years) and then advise a distribution to BGCEC Foundation today.
  • In future years, use your DAF to recommend gifts to BGCEC Foundation.
  • Name BGCEC Foundation as a beneficiary of your DAF. Designating BGCEC Foundation to receive a distribution from a terminating DAF is a wonderful way to make a “bequest” without affecting other estate plans.

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Forrest Higgins, Executive Director of the BGCEC Foundation

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