Save Money with 8 Tips from our Friends at SDG&E

Our friends at SDG&E are making it easy to reduce your home’s summer energy use without breaking a sweat or the bank!

  1. Understand your energy use. Get an hourly snapshot of how much energy you use by visiting the “My Energy” tab at Or download our app to view daily usage.
  2. Avoid surprises. Why wait until your monthly bill arrives to find out your energy costs? Get usage updates when you sign up for weekly text or email notifications at Visit the “Alerts and Subscriptions” tab.
  3. Get a predictable energy bill. Enroll in SDG&E’s Level Pay Program. It automatically averages your energy bill every three months so you can budget more easily throughout the year. Enroll today at
  4. Maximize your system. If you are a solar energy customer, make sure you’re maximizing your solar system generation. Your system runs most efficiently when it’s clean and free of debris, dirt and leaves. Shade from nearby trees can impact the panels’ performance, too.
  5. Shift your use. If you’re on a Time-of-Use energy pricing plan, save on your bill when you use heat-generating appliances like washers, dryers and dish washers before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m. To find out what pricing plan you’re on, visit
  6. Get on the right pricing plan. Being on the best pricing plan can add up to real savings on your energy bill. Visit to check out your choices.
  7. Save 30% or more. CARE and FERA are two SDG&E programs that can provide a monthly discount on your bill. Find out if you qualify at
  8. Get no-cost energy-efficient home improvements. Whether you rent or own, you may be eligible to receive energy-saving products and installation items like lighting, door weather-stripping, water heater blankets, low-flow showerheads, appliances, attic insulation and more. Find out if you qualify at

Get more energy-saving tips and info about SDG&E’s programs at